Mexican Federal Senator Jose Ramon Enrix and His entourage visit Huaihai Holding Group

On the morning of March 29th, Mexican Federal Senator Jose Ramon Enrix and his peers, accompanied by Mr. Sun Weimin, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Xuzhou Municipal Government, visited Huaihai Holding Group, a benchmark enterprise in China's mini vehicle manufacturing industry.

Ms. Xing Hongyan, Vice President of Huaihai Holding Group, Director of Marketing Management Center and General Manager of Huaihai Global E-Commerce Co., Ltd. and Li Peng, Du Mingshan, Huo Jibo and Sun Zengfei, Vice General Managers of Huaihai Global E-Commerce Co., Ltd. warmly received Jose Ramon Enrix and his peers and guided them throughout the tour.

During the visit to the foreign trade workshop, Senator Jose Ramon Enrix said that in Mexico, Made in China is synonymous with high quality products and gave excellent comments on the production process, quality of spare parts and packaging process adopted by Huaihai Holding Group.

In the product showroom, Mr. Li Peng introduced a number of new energy products under Huaihai Holding Group, including Huaihai Global's self-developed intelligent lithium-ion bus Hi-Go, to Senator Jose Ramon Enrix and his entourage, and warmly invited Senator Jose Ramon Enrix and his entourage to take a ride and try driving.

Jose Ramon Enrix and his entourage also showed great interest in Huaihai Holding Group's new energy vehicle products and, on the spot, asked in detail about the vehicle's range, charging mode, operation and other aspects.

While visiting, Senator Jose Ramon Enrix showed the Mexican people the production line and a variety of products such as electric leisure tricycles and electric cars through a short video.

After the visit and communication, Congressman Jose Ramon Enrix and his entourage expressed their pleasure to take this opportunity to visit Huaihai Holding Group for a field trip, and affirmed Huaihai Holding Group's great working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and advanced production technology, which laid a solid foundation for future in-depth cooperation.

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