Embark on a journey to mysterious ancient Egypt with Huaihai

Egypt is the most populous country in the Middle East and the second most populous country in Africa, and the third largest economy in the African continent. It is located in the northeast of Africa, and is located in the traffic artery of Europe, Asia and Africa, and the shortcut of the sea route between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Therefore, Egypt, as the world's largest and most important tricycle and motorcycle market in addition to China, is a must-have for the country's motorcycle factories. Huaihai with accurate vision to see its huge development potential, in 2012 will take the lead to enter the Egyptian market, occupy the opportunity!
As a country with early localization requirements, Egypt has a good industrial foundation, rich raw material resources, rich industrial labor resources and other advantages, Huaihai will try to carry out technical cooperation with Egyptian merchants to export technology and supporting products, provide the whole process technical services, and realize customer localization production.
Huaihai seize the market by virtue of high-quality products, cutting-edge technology and professional services, give full play to brand advantages, and successfully obtain the recognition of local users. Now Huaihai three-wheel motorcycle has become the most basic tool of life and production for Egyptian people, and it is deeply loved. Huaihai conform to the global trend of new energy development, constantly adjust the enterprise strategy, deeply cultivate the motorcycle market and vigorously promote electric vehicle products, and now, electric two-wheeled vehicles, three-wheeled vehicles in the Egyptian market has entered the initial stage of its infancy.
All-round cooperation, the whole process control, from product to technology to the market, Huaihai deep cultivation of every step, steadily expand the market, according to the market feedback constantly adjust, and strive to Huaihai brand image and product quality to the wider international market, as the global micro vehicle industry leading brand, so that "build industrial ecology, share the green future" radiation to thousands of households in Egypt!


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