FIRST in XUZHOU: The Product Design Award of the 133rd Canton Fair awarded to Huaihai Holding Group!

Recently, the intelligent lithium-ion passenger vehicle "Hi-Go" independently developed by Huaihai Holding Group has won the Bronze Award for Product Design Innovation (Industrial Manufacturing) at the 133rd Canton Fair in 2023; the "New Weifeng" Product was also shortlisted in Design Innovation Award Final Evaluation. Huaihai Holding Group was one of the ten bronze award winners in the industrial manufacturing category of the 133rd Canton Fair and the FIRST product design award winner from Xuzhou.

The Hi-Go model adopts a brand-new dynamic design style, with a smart body and smooth, sharp lines that complement its powerful performance, embodying the dialectical relationship between sportiness and energy. It has obtained 3 national design patents and 1 international patent.

Hi-Go has made significant technological innovations in the power system, chassis, suspension, and transmission system, and has obtained a total of 6 national utility model patents for the rear suspension mechanism, quick-change battery compartment, frame assembly structure, carriage body structure, ball cage half-axle drive structure, and SKD packaging structure.

With the innovative application of new technologies, Hi-Go can adapt to various complex road conditions and ensure a good driving experience. Its excellent ergonomics design meets the requirement of small size and large space.

The application of CAN communication and IoT 3.0 system enables functions such as mobile app backend management, remote monitoring, driving trajectory playback, and electronic fences for vehicle management. Hi-Go's winning of the 2023 Canton Fair Export Product Design Award is a great affirmation of "Huaihai Manufacturing". Huaihai Holding Group will continue to innovate in product design and create greener and more intelligent and convenient travel solutions.

The Canton Fair Export Product Design Award was established in 2013, relying on the "China's First Exhibition" Canton Fair to showcase the charm of "Made in China" and "Created in China" to the world. At the same time, the Canton Fair Export Product Design Award is widely recognized as the most influential and prestigious export product award in China's foreign trade field, and is known as the "Oscar of Export Product Design".

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