Good News!CCCM two awards settled in Huaihai!

March 17, in the China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce International Development Branch inaugural meeting and industry foreign trade export quality development summit forum, China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce awarded Huaihai Holdings Group Limited "Top 10 Chinese Electric Motorcycle Export Enterprises in 2022".

Huaihai Holdings Group is committed to the globalization of micro vehicles and exports its products to 117 countries and regions. This award has motivated all staffs to work hard to build Huaihai's dream with confidence.

At the same time, Huaihai Global E-Commerce Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Huaihai Holdings Group, was awarded the title of "Director Unit of International Development Branch of China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce".

This signifies that the efforts made by Huaihai Global E-Commerce Co., Ltd. for the industry have been recognized and affirmed by the society and the association.

Huaihai Global E-Commerce Co., Ltd. will also exercise the rights and obligations of a governing unit in the future under the leadership and guidance of the International Development Branch of the China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, and work together with other governing units of the association to contribute to the development of the industry.

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