Huaihai Global boosting the development of electric vehicle in the Philippines

In recent years, the Philippine government has continuously increased its support for "oil-to-electric" vehicle models, creating a favourable environment for the development of the electric vehicle market and driving the robust growth of electrification in the Philippines.

Partner of Huaihai Global, as the largest local electric vehicle company, has established direct sales of electric vehicles in countries such as the Philippines, Sri Lanka, France, Thailand, Cambodia and others, with over 150 sales outlets.

Since partnering with Huaihai Global in 2017, the partner has seized the opportunity of electrification, established a strong presence in the local market through superior product quality and excellent service, and injected new vitality into the electric vehicle industry in the Philippines.

In the early stages of the partnership, Huaihai Global actively assisted partner in applying for certification from the Philippine Board of Investments (BOI), providing comprehensive support, including preparation of essential documentation, business authorisation, technical assistance, and hosting visits from the Philippine BOI delegation for production qualification assessment.

With Huaihai Global's assistance, Philippine Partner successfully obtained BOI certification and enjoyed import duty exemptions, further enhancing its market competitiveness.

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