Southeast Asian partners visit Huaihai Global to explore new business opportunities!

Recently, partners from Southeast Asia visited Huaihai Global. Ms Xing Hongyan, Vice President and General Manager of International Development Platform of Huaihai Holding Group, together with Dou Hao, Manager of Asia-Pacific Business Department of Huaihai Global, Yan Kun, Engineer of International Electric Vehicle Research and Development Department and other colleagues, warmly received the partners who came from afar.

During the meeting, Manager Dou Hao, on behalf of Huaihai Global, introduced the international development mode of our business and new energy products to the partners in detail.

The partners introduced to Ms Xing the new energy industry layout in Southeast Asia as well as the electric transport project, and also expressed their intention to reach a strategic cooperation with Huaihai Global.微信图片_20230717155113

The two sides had an in-depth discussion and exchanged views on the development planning of the Southeast Asian market, the form of co-operation, brand promotion, etc., which laid a solid foundation for the subsequent co-operation between the two sides.微信图片_202307171551131

Subsequently, during the visit to the vehicle showroom of Huaihai Global, Engineer Yan Kun and other R&D colleagues accompanied the Southeast Asian partners to visit and experience a variety of categories of mini vehicle products of our company and showed great interest in HiGo, an intelligent Li-ion vehicle which was developed by our company independe微信图片_202307171551133

At last, the partners took a test ride on our new energy vehicle K21, new energy truck H21 and electric two-wheeler Wolf 3, Joy and other vehicles, and highly praised the appearance and performance of our products.微信图片_202307171551134

In the future, Huaihai Global will continue to plough into the Southeast Asian market, reach more in-depth cooperation with more partners, and at the same time bring high-quality, high-performance micro-vehicle products to more overseas users.

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