The Huaihai Electric two-wheeler Base in Venezuela has officially commenced production!

As global electrification continues to evolve, Huaihai Global regards the localization of electric two-wheeler in Venezuela as an essential component of its global strategic framework. In 2021, partners and Huaihai Global formally agreed to cooperate on localizing production and established the first electric two-wheeler assembly plant in Venezuela. Huaihai Global collaborated closely with its partners, adhering to local production regulations, to plan and guide the entire process, including customized solutions, initial services, site selection, production design, quality control, and daily production capacity enhancement. Technical support and training were also provided to improve production efficiency.

In 2022, with ongoing support from Huaihai Global, the localized factory in Venezuela was successfully constructed and officially began production. Concurrently, Huaihai Global actively assisted its partners in completing critical procedures such as import vehicle registration and import permits, laying a solid foundation for further deepening their cooperation. Throughout the collaboration, both parties engaged in numerous visits and discussions, focusing on market marketing strategies, innovative application models, and the development of service systems.

The establishment and operation of the localized factory in Venezuela have contributed to a continuous increase in annual sales for the partners and have set a benchmark for the localization and internationalization of Huaihai Global's technology cooperation model.

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