The market of the The Democratic Republic of the Congo!

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in the middle of Africa, rich in natural resources and enormous population. It is the second largest country and the fourth largest population in Africa. The dense population promotes passenger transport market, the motor tricycle become an important way for passenger travelling. They are flexible and convenient, not only alleviating traffic jams, but also promoting local employment and quickly occupying the market. It’s an important part of the expansion of HUAIHAI.

In 2019, motorcycle tricycles were first introduced to the local market by HUAIHAI partners in DRC. With four years development, people are becoming more and more interested in motorcycle tricycles, the market is growing steadily and entering a new stage.

Depending on the local market conditions, HUAIHAI  provides technical documents to their partner and sends professionals to the local area for training and guidance. The high-quality products and professional services help occupy the market and win praise from local users.

The security situation in the DRC is severe and the business environment is poor. In the face of market risks and challenges, Huaihai and their partner stay determined and keep moving. On the one hand, they are no fear of risks and conquering all kinds of difficulties, cutting paths through mountains and building bridges across rivers; on the other hand, they solve problems encountered by users timely, and fully support market demand, that help achieve good results.


Huaihai actively implements the diversified market strategy, conforms to the trend of the economic globalization, in the future, we will work together with partner, continue to provide top quality products and services,and inject new power into the market of DRC.

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